The History Of Cirque Du Soleil And The Humble Beginnings

The history of Cirque du Soleil began in a very ordinary way in the early eighties, in a small town in Quebec City, Canada, called Baie Saint Paul, by a band of young street performers. They entertained the people of the town with acts that included stilt walking, juggling, dancing, music, as well as breathing fire. The group, known as the Baie Saint Paul Stilt Walkers, was founded back then by a young man named Gilles Ste Croix… (read more)

Location: Treasure Island

More than twenty years ago the world’s most famous theatrical dance troupe conceived of a fantastic spectacle which would be the first show at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino to have its own… (read more)

Location: Bellagio

Their shows are known around the world as some of the most wonderful and creative performances of the modern era.  Thematically inspired by water, it is a typically theatrical and surreal story of romance…. (read more)

Location: MGM Grand

Since the early nineteen nineties, this world famous theatrical dance troupe from the province of Quebec in Canada has managed to take the entertainment world by storm. Known for their incredibly elaborate costumes… (read more)

LoveThe Beatles “Love”
Location: Mirage

Since 2006, Cirque du Soleil The Beatles Love in Las Vegas has taken audience members on a psychedelic journey through the lives and times of the four lovable mop tops from Liverpool… (read more)

Michael JacksonThe Immortal
Location: ARIA Resort & Casino

Fans who loved the King of Pop will have a whole new way to experience his music and dance with the opening of Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson … (read more)

Viva ElvisViva Elvis
Location: Mandalay Bay

Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis in Las Vegas combines the music of The King of Rock and Roll and the amazing physical abilities of dozens of performs into a celebration of the life of one of the most… (read more)

Location: New York – New York

The show is a seductive version of Cirque Du Soleil and is only suitable for individuals of adult age. The production is fabulous, sexy and will leave the most naive visitors quiver… (read more)